Google/Amazon/Line Pay/Paypay日本/Apple上海/Lenovo/Momo/Garmin/趨勢/支付寶/Facebook 面試分享&工作6年,年薪170萬以上的公司分享


No matter if you’re developing hardware validation tools for different components with multi-threading, or web service considering API, caching, and messaging, a fluent working flow can facilitate your development and troubleshoot.

Full Working Flow Enhancement Overview

Requirement Clarification

Key Concepts make your CV outperform others

Your passion and desire to level up are more important than the years of experience you have

For an opening, Google receives an average 600 resumes. This is the first threshold to overcome. Before you have a chance to be interviewed, your CV must be able to stand out from at least 600 people, even more than 1000 people.

Preview of my CV

For a software engineer with less than 2…

想說來寫個FAAG面試共通點總結,也分享一下前陣子面試Facebook U.S.的心得⋯⋯因為蠻多人好奇的\(//∇//)\

有些觀念不只從強者Engineer大神朋友們身上觀察&自身經歷體悟,發現跟很厲害的Marketing、PM Lead以及Consulting朋友們,也有很多相類似觀念。

但我覺得不只是在FAAG這幾家公司跟面試官「聊天」所得 …


無聊的話,可以當小說看一看😂 好奇會有多少人看完🤣




面試流程其實這幾間都很像,Google on-site是5關,Amazon on-site,記得當時HR告訴我是6關,Facebook U.S. on-site我記得HR告訴我也是5關。共通點就是都會有一關是behavioral question。

⊙ 準備心態

Angel@Software Engineer

There are a thousand Angels in a thousand people's eyes. 一千個人有一千個Angel.

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