Key Concepts make your CV outperform others

Simple Concepts Made My CV Get Google Interview In Less Than 2 Year Experience

Your passion and desire to level up are more important than the years of experience you have

For an opening, Google receives an average 600 resumes. This is the first threshold to overcome. Before you have a chance to be interviewed, your CV must be able to stand out from at least 600 people, even more than 1000 people.

Preview of my CV

For a software engineer with less than 2 year experience, you might face lots of frustration to get interviewed for following reasons.


  1. Less experience, but not qualified for new graduate hire.

You need to compete for junior level or intermediate level openings with those in 3 year or 4 year experience.

You might not possess enough skill set and project experience to compete. Everything is new to you.

You are not a student anymore, but you are still fresh.

2. Less working project to prove your capability.

In the first 2 year after graduation, you’re still trying to adapt to a new environment, trying to learn large-scale projects utilized in enterprise.

Mostly you focus on how to implement a function, a cron job, or a feature, not take the whole picture of the project into consideration.

However, there are still lots of advantages you can utilize only during this very beginning stage in career life.


  1. You’re still in junior level.

It’s a big advantage to grep chances, because you haven’t been shaped in any possible stubborn way.

2. You know some workplace rules.

Working flow, Standard Business Conduct, Attitude toward project, How to get along with seniors.

In this article, I’ll give an example of my CV to tell you how I got an interview chance from Google several years ago when I was still a junior-level engineer.

I still remember lots of my friends and college classmates got no response after they submitted their CV.

Tip Highlights

  1. Projects, especially on work.

In contrast to a senior developer, it might be hard to find out your architectural abilities, but it’s not hard to dig out your potential.

2. Show your eagerness to this company.

This may demonstrate you’re looking for ways to stand out from people. Knowing their products well is a must.

3. Leverage capability.

CV indicates how you can attract people with limited information, and leave an impressive image in a few minutes.

Above is the most important concept, but it’s not enough. You should put additional parts to make yourself more outperform others.

Following is the bonus, listing in priority .

  1. Internship.

It indicates you have experience co-work with senior people in industries. You should know some company culture, implementation consideration and projects applied to enterprise usage.

2. Campus contest.

It proves that your personality might be aggressive to strive or compete.

It shows that you might be the kind of person who is not easily satisfied with current status, and willing to be superiors to your previous self.

It’s very important to those innovative teams and leading companies, FAANG included.

3. Leadership

It indicates your potential capability of communication, management, and growth skills. If you have been some organizer or leader in big activities, don’t hesitate to list.

The skill is not only useful for product owner, marketing, and consulting, but also important to prove you can be a senior developer after several years.

4. Scholarship

It indicates that you make lots of efforts on your school-works. Scholarship could be a great bonus if you have previous plus points. If not, it can still prove that you can do your work well if assigned.

Here comes my CV several years ago. I blurred out some important information of myself.
Nowadays there are lots of app can make your CV much more cool.

Page 1.

First page always includes personal information, working experience, and your education background.

I put Leadership here for bonus several years ago, but now I’ll exchange with skill-set in the following page.

Leadership wording I used are as follows.

ex. organizer of XXX activity, and you help start most things.

ex. leader of XXX activity, and you truly lead groups, or many people to fulfill some tasks.

ex. president of XXX club

ex. campus representative, graduate representative

Page 2.

I listed projects, followed by my previous referred priority:

Working -> Internship -> Contest -> School works

Also, you can exchange internship and contest for your interface preference because most interviewers take internship and contest together for performance evaluation in your student life.

Page 3.

I introduced every project into 4 parts — Topic, Abstract, My Contribution, and Programming skill.

Now, if I want to enhance, I think it’s better to use “Language/Techniques” to replace with “Programming skill” and “Related Knowledge”.

Page 4.
Page 5.

I added some information for mostly asked questions during interview several years ago.

Of course, seldom interviewers ask me this kind of question now, but I think it’s might certain important for new graduate hire or those working experience less than 2 years.

These questions are still helpful to differentiate your personality and natural thoughts.

Following key mindset shifts might help you.

  1. Be bold, make yourself unlimited.
  2. Stay patience for creativity.

Creativity actually not only comes from gifts, patience is much more important.

It’s from my experience in different top-level and leading companies these year.

3. Internalize your learning and growth by composing the CV.

It’s like a mirror to examine yourself after graduation.

We all strive to be better at our jobs, but the 2 key difference are as follows. I figured out over the years from these leading companies.

  1. Prove you’re a person who can work smarter.
    Work in a more efficient way by utilizing different knowledge and combination of skills is not easy.
  2. Replace criticism with sharing.
    You’re willing to provide help to your team members, and make your team stronger.

I love a quote from Einstein: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” It always reminds me when composing my CV, coding and figure out solutions. Wish above concepts help you get interview chances and stand out from hundreds of candidates.

Always remember one thing, this makes me always try hard to strive ahead.

Your passion and desire to level up are more important than the years of experience you have.

There are a thousand Angels in a thousand people's eyes. 一千個人有一千個Angel.

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